Payment Solutions

Since 2001, NITEL has provided goods and services that support secure, reliable and modern payment and payment facilitation systems in Malawi.  The company offers the following key products and services: -

POS Device Service Level Agreement

Card SolutionsNITEL was the first to introduce POS devices used for financial services in Malawi. The company is the pioneer of providing GSM and GPRS communication for conducting and settling financial transactions pushed through POS devices. The innovation has seen the introduction of over 1,000 POS devices on the Malawi market that have been using modern communication facilities to conduct and settle transactions. Presently NITEL supplies, maintains and supports POS of sale devices for the retail and financial sector in Malawi.

Electronic Revenue Collection Information Management System (ERCIMS)

Mobile PaymentsNITEL offers ERCIMS on Software As A Service basis. The system provides channels, sources, owner and business management modules with a web based interface and payment module which is connected to major payment channels. The ERCIMS automates fee collection processes which increases transparency, accountability and efficiency by providing 24/7 system availability, authentic receipts, real time visibility of all transactions, enforcement and verification facilities and easy reconciliation through availability of customised reports.




PosnetPOSnet is offered as a service platform which provides a secure, fast and easy-to-use vending medium by which utility providers and other service providers are able to provide payment facilities to consumers conveniently through POS devices. The platform uses stand-alone portable, Android devices such as tablets, computers, mobile phones, retail terminals (e.g. pay points at supermarket tills), bank ATM’s and other web- based interfaces.


Mobile Payment Channel

Mobile payment

NITEL offers an advanced Mobile Payment Integration Platform that enables aggregation of various service providers’ payment handling processes and enables access to these service providers by various integrated payment processors, principally off mobile payment applications. The platform offers the following benefits;

  • Provides a wide array of standard and customized reports for better settlement management and performance metrics.
  • Easy management of customer payment transactions processing through a centralized conduit, therefore an attractive customer management partner.
  • Enables quicker integration of payment system to service providers core systems since it is purpose designed for integration.
  • NITEL has built expertise in undertaking integration work for mobile payment systems whether into service provides or payment channel partners such as financial institutions and mobile network operators.
  • NITEL has a full scale customer and partner Helpdesk which greatly improves the operators’ customer experience and value proposition.

Presently the service integrates leading mobile payment services  brands namely Airtel Money, TNM Mpamba as well as bank-based mobile payment services for NBM Mo626 and OIBM Mmanja into some of the largest utilities providers in Malawi notably ESCOM, Blantyre Water Board and Northern Region Water Board.





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