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Malswitch now NITEL

One of the country’s technology firms, Malswitch, on Friday rebranded to Nitel. The firm said the rebranding was “beyond a name change, but rather a strategic repositioning” of its business. This, the company said, is in line with a shift in market demands and further advancement of technology in the country. In his speech during a cocktail party held in Blantyre, Nitel Board Chairperson, Jimmy Koreia Mpatsa, pledged continued quality service delivery.

He said the rebranding was effected in line with customers’ needs and demands on the market. “Our team remains committed to serve the clients with prudence and we pledge continued efficiency,” Mpatsa said. And in an interview on the sidelines, Nitel Managing Director, Andy Kamkwalala touted business growth strides registered in the years of the company’s operations in the country. He rated the experience as a base for further business growth. Kamkwalala said as part of the rebranding process, the firm has introduced new products and services in line with customer needs. “We can assure our customers to anticipate more competitive and efficient products and services going forward,” he said.



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