Applications Development

NITEL provides Application Development in all domains with primary focus on Workflow Solutions, Mobile Integration, Management Information Systems, Mobile and Web Applications.

Applications Development

Workflow Solutions

For organisations that have a given number of steps in completing operations that include several stages of approval and exchange of information between different types of applications and platforms, NITEL specialises in creating applications that ease such processes. We use both in-house and world class industry grade platforms such as TIBCO to allow organisations to have a seamless experience.

Management Information Systems

NITEL develops Management Information Systems (MIS) catering primarily to membership driven organisations whereby the system can track payments by members, accommodate change in the status of the members, for example to a different membership category with different types of fees, and calculate penalties for members.
For non-membership driven organisations, NITEL’s core system can accordingly be modified by adding new custom modules or creating a custom solution ground-up that tackles a unique problem.

Mobile and Web Applications

In the ever dynamic world, to exist has come to mean to have a web presence and if in an African context, to also have a mobile application that increases your competitive edge.
NITEL is in the business of making rich web applications that allow users to achieve very complex tasks that are typically achieved using a desktop computer.
In the mobile arena, NITEL primarily produces Android applications leveraging the rich features that various operating systems have to offer such as GPS notifications and integration with web applications.



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